Focus Topics

Every year we try to find new interesting themes for our 35'000 loyal and affluent travel addicts. For Grenzenlos 2021 the following themes are in planning.


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Who doesn’t dream from a month or more holidays? What can we do? What is possible? How does men and women spend their sacred free time or longer time abroad? What options are there? Things we normally don’t have time for?


In eastern Switzerland there are many major companies that pay their senior staff members a sabbatical about three or more months – a reward for the personnel. The goal from sabbatical is to gift time to the staff, recovering, time to find motivation and explore new things and also to develop himself. Under the topic of sabbatical, we also want to include typical professional category like teachers or nursing staff. With individual invitations to the focus topics, we’ll invite the new audience.


The following topics are in focus:

  • Volunteer (health care, school, ecology, animal protection, social projects, projects in organic farming, sports or culture)
  • Professional development
  • work & travel
  • Language study
  • Sports
  • Further destinations


You want to stay in focus?

You offer exactly these travels to our targeting group? You want to show the audience which sabbaticals you organise or which individual travel they can pick? Then you’re right at our special topic.


Ready for Sabbatical – we’re worth it!

Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sabbatical
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sabbatical
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sabbatical

Among the areas of interest cited in our 2020 visitor survey, “active holidays” where number one, with about 30 percent. We would like to meet this demand by substantially increasing such offers at the fair. All sorts of active and healthy holidays will be presented under the heading “Sports travel”.


During the holiday season, many treat themselves to an active break from everyday life - show how diverse the offer is.


We are not addressing deckchairs loungers, but movement-loving tourists of all ages, for whom being active and a healthy plays a big role in their life.


The following topics are in focus:

  • Snow sports
  • Yoga
  • Surf, Kitesurf
  • Stand-Up-Paddle
  • Fitness- or Boot camps
  • Nutrition camps
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Diving
  • Sailing


You want to stay in focus?

Our eastern Switzerland audience is extremely sports-interested and is looking for activity in the few weeks of vacation each year. Mostly of them spare no effort or money to put together exactly what suits them best. That is why research and inspiration is carried out in advance - ideally, to present yourself to the audience with your sports trips. Would you like to be part of it? Then contact us for your sporting offer.

Because health and activities are more important than ever.

Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sportreisen
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sportreisen
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Sportreisen

Isn't travel there to discover the undiscovered, to get to know new cultures and to find a beautiful sandy beach for a dip in the cold water off the beaten track?


But we all know the pictures of the boat masses on the Canale Grande or the huge queue for a photo in front of the Troll Tunga - crowds of people at all the famous tourist spots.


From 25 million travellers in the 1950s, the number of tourists around the world rose to 1.4 billion in 2018. The World Tourism Organization forecasts that this number will increase to 1.8 billion by 2030. Too much for our ecosystem. We would like to set an example, away from "overtourism" and towards "undertourism". A topic that needs to play a bigger role in the times of Covid-19.


We want to appeal to travellers who pursue their values such as sustainability and who want to use the worlds resources more consciously when traveling.


The following topics are in focus:

  • Low season traveling
  • Special trips
  • Trips to countries/areas with little tourism
  • New and unknown destinations
  • Well-known destinations that need an economic boost


You want to stay in focus?

Do you offer special trips that fits to the topic of undertourism and sustainability? We are convinced that the demand will be high.


With respect to us and nature – now more than ever.

Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Undertourism
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Undertourism
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Undertourism

Take a leisurely stroll through the Siberian countryside or quickly overnight from Zurich to Vienna. Travel by train is diverse, sustainable and culturally interesting - train travel is trendy.


With increasing respect for nature and CO₂ emissions, getting around by train is becoming increasingly important. In foreign countries, public transport usually presents the country and the culture very authentically. You perceive it with all your senses: the quiet rattling of the rails, new smells that flow through the open window, landscapes that you have never seen before, the seats that feel completely different with their leather cover and last but not least the refreshing food offer. Traveling by train is sustainable, different and eventful.


We appeal to lovers of train travel as well as tourists who want to experience a new type of travel while taking environmental considerations.


The following topics are in focus:

  • City trips by rail
  • Train trips and night trains worldwide
  • Cultural train trips 
  • Concrete products such as the Interrail Pass
  • Luxury train travel 
  • Public transport in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide


You want to stay in focus?

We try to present a wide range of focus topics. However, we can only do this with you.

Everyone on board – let’s go.

Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Zugreisen
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Zugreisen
Grenzenlos - Fokusthemen Zugreisen