Outlet sales and rental of empty halls

Halle 7.0 Outlet 2
Halle 7.0 Outlet 2

Halls 7.0 and 9.0 are ideal as locations for outlet sales and logistics projects which require a lot of space.The subletting of halls to third parties is not permitted, as is the setting up of stalls.Any activities relating to direct sales must be agreed with CongressEvents St. Gallen and are only approved to a limited extent.There are parking opportunities depending on the hall space rented.Regardless of the space being used, a lump-sum rental of the entire hall(s) will be charged.HGV delivery is possible in all halls.

Hall data

Base areas
Hall 7.01970 m2
Hall 9.07430 m(Rental conditions on request) 





1 day





CHF 2760.–

2 daysCHF 3250.–
3 daysCHF 3800.–
4 daysCHF 4320.–
5 daysCHF 4740.–
6 daysCHF 5160.–
7 daysCHF 5570.–
8 daysCHF 5990.–
9 daysCHF 6400.–
10 daysCHF 6820.–
11 daysCHF 7240.–
12 daysCHF 7650.–
13 daysCHF 8070.–
14 daysCHF 8490.–
15 daysCHF 8900.–
Every additional dayCHF 260.–


Everything at a glance - downloads

You will find all the data on the hall summarized on these documents.

  • Data sheet, including prices per hall
  • Plan of the hall (floor plan)
  • Regulations

Everything at a glance – Downloads

All hall specifications are summarised in this document.

Halle 7.0/9.0

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